Flodraulic Group


The Flodraulic Group is a collection of companies with branches throughout the United States, Canada and Europe with an impressive portfolio of technical capabilities. 

Flodraulic’s strength is the high experience in an unparalleled number of technologies markets and geographies.

With more than 700 WW Employees and 23 global offices, the mission of Flodraulic is to be a global leader in motion control technologies by bringing the best people, the best products and the best solutions to its customers.

Founded in 1980

+/- 700 WW Employees

23 Global Offices


Each Company has its own excellence: Flodraulic Europe consists in 4 system integrators, acquired and established between 2016 and 2020, focused on Fluid Power and Electronics.





Oleobi is one of the leading global players in the design and construction of hydraulic power units, manifolds and bench tests for INDUSTRIAL applications.

Sace engineers integrated hydraulic and electronic, hybrid and full electric solutions for MOBILE applications.

PK designs and delivers rigid and flexible piping for INDUSTRIAL & MOBILE applications.

Flodraulic GmbH is a specialized engineering partner and offers advanced electro-hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric system solutions in the field of drive and control technology for MOBILE applications.