Competencies - that make the difference

PLM Partner Model

Mobile machinery megatrends are pushing us in the direction for more complex system solutions. To fulfill safety-requirements, electrified-machinery, connected solutions and autonomous or assisting functions – for all of these there is the need to define a software product within your machine.







We can support you with our PLM – Partner Model to a trustable, maintainable and flexible software product within your machine.


PLM means Product Lifecycle Management


The goal is to define a growable and maintainable SW-product for your machine, which gives you full controllability for updates and changes over the machine lifecycle.


Core values are mature processes combined with decades of system, software and safety engineering experience as well as the clear approach to understand the needs of different sized enterprises in different market segments.


High Voltage -Technology

The global change to zero-emission is already disrupting the automotive as well as the non-road-mobile-machinery segment.

Low voltage technology is the easy-to-handle enabler to electrify very small machinery but limited in power. Therefore many OEM are faced with requirements-engineering for High Voltage Systems to bring Electrification and Zero-Emission into medium and bigger machinery!




We can offer SOTA concepts to fit the needs of functional and legal requirements, as well as trustable partnership to together growth you to self-sufficient electric vehicle manufacture, which can safely support their machine over the whole product lifecycle.


We can work together on concepts, sub-system and for sure final turn-key solutions.



Radio Remote Control Production




Flexibility and fast production cycles are getting more and more critical for customer satisfaction. We can support you with outstanding flexibility and speed in Radio Remote Control Production, Customization as well as service and repair in industrial and mobile segment.